WHY I Got “Sucked In” to an MLM

Hey ya’ll! If you didn’t know – I am now a SeneGence distributor. WHAT?! I never thought that I would be the kind of person who signs up for a MLM… like seriously – who am I? But I want you all to hear my heart and understand my “WHY.”

In September of 2019, I won a contest. Not going to lie to you – I’m sort of lucky at winning Instagram contests. But this time, I won a giveaway for SeneGence products. Now, I had tried these products one other time in around 2017, but had them applied by someone else. So I was convinced that it wasn’t the product that was good, but rather the application! Wow, I was wrong. When I received my giveaway winnings, I was blown away.

I started with gloss & mascara, but my collection grew rapidly as I started switching out all of my products over the next 6 months. I was expecting at least one product to let me down, but it didn’t. Even my husband noticed a change in my makeup! He would comment and say “wow, your makeup looks so much more smooth,” or “your face looks different, but I don’t know why.” HA!

This month I go the opportunity to become a distributor and sell this makeup myself. I was SO hesitant. I didn’t want to become that person who is constantly shoving product down someone’s throat. I didn’t want people to unfollow me because they hated me sharing about a company they didn’t know. I didn’t want people to feel pressure to “join my team” or cold message people.

What I won’t do:

Ask you to join my team | Cold message you | Shove product down your throat.

SeneGence isn’t asking me to do ANY of that. But that is most of our ideas of a MLM. Its important to note that I don’t need you to join my team in order for me to sell product or make any money. I don’t need you to become a member, join a program, or anything! To be honest I don’t need you to DO ANYTHING! Except this – if you want to try a product, just ask! That’s it! Think of me as your little online retailer for some really amazing makeup.

What I will do:

Show you products I love | Offer you deals | Explain products to you

This makeup has made me a loyal follower and I think you might just love it too!


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