Disneyland at 6 Months Pregnant

WHAT?! Am I a crazy person? Turns out, yes, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Tony and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this last week. I could literally gush on this last year forever, but I’ll spare you. We decided that the one place we would LOVE to celebrate is Disney. It’s our favorite place together. The only challenge was, I would be pretty pregnant. Would there even be things to do? Would it be worth the money?

Here’s how we did a twelve-hour Disney day, from out of town, bump and all!

1. We took the earliest flight available.

This meant getting up at 3am for an extremely long day. I wouldn’t say I’m recommending this, honestly. It took a LOT out of us by the end of it. But it saved us a whole night on lodging, which is a hefty amount. Tips for flying preggo: water & compression socks. Try to avoid those cankles ladies!

2. We didn’t worry about being there at “park open”

We got to the park when we could, not when we were “supposed to.” This helped the feeling of not being rushed! Even though we had a bit of a line to wait it, it was fine.

3. We took a LOT of breaks.

But these breaks also included snacks, shows, train rides, etc. There are ways to maximize breaks so they don’t feel like a waste of time. We saw Mickey’s Magical Map, which was SO cute! We took the train ride around the park at the peak of the day. Spent a solid 2 hours enjoying a fancy dinner at a “secret” restaurant. We even brought a change of clothes for dinner. I wore the cutest maternity dress from PinkBlush. This black sparkling maternity dress was the perfect outfit to bring with me for the day and show off baby Linya, while still looking classy for our date!

4. We still rode so many rides!

There are a ton of preggo friendly rides! Basically avoid all the “mountains” or coasters and you’re free to play. This was new for us because we usually gravitate towards all the big rides. What was really fun was that we got to try things we would usually skip! Of the preggo friendly rides we really enjoyed Storybook Canals, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters! Tony even got a FastPass for Space Mountain while I rested!

We ended the night with the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks & headed back to the hotel around 10pm. All in all we spent 12 hours in the park, walked about 8 miles, and had a beautiful day.

Now, I will say, personally I over did it. Indulged in way too much junk food and sleep deprivation. It did make me pretty sick that evening. BUT, I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I was up so early and didn’t eat a regular meal until dinner (holy sugar overload!) I would recommend staying at a hotel the night before you go, packing healthy snacks, and making sure you get enough protein throughout the day!

But Disney is SO much fun, even if you feel a bit restricted!

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