Home Sweet Home – Full Tour of Our New House!

Well, it has been a few months since we actually moved into our new place. In April, we sold our condo and bought a perfect little ramble in the area. I spent the first couple of months settling in, decorating, redecorating, and getting used to our new pad. We had some people over this last weekend, so the place we spick & span – photo ready!

We were really lucky because the home had recently been remodeled. So the floors, the cabinets, the counters, etc were already in place when we moved in. It just so happened that everything was extremely similar to what I would’ve picked myself!

The dream I had for our home was something that felt clean & fresh, but also cozy & inviting. I had this idea to mix Scandinavian, bohemian, and modern styles. When describing it to friends I think it may have sounded a little odd, but I’m in LOVE with how it turned out. We are absolutely obsessed with the space and the vibe.

You’ll probably notice that a TON of the items in our home are from Target. Obviously Target is amazing, but it also had such great prices for so many items. I got super lucky because right when we bought our house, they released a line called OpalHouse. This line was exactly what I was looking for! Besides the couple of splurge items, I tried to find the cheapest, best option for almost every item in our home. Cost savvy is key!


Our “formal” living room, is the first room when you walk in. We kept this space really open, minimalist, and bright. It gives the room a larger feeling as well as a really relaxing place to sit, reflect, read, and rest. We decided to not put a T.V. in here, because we want the focus to be on chatting with friends, reading a book, or sipping a cup of coffee. My friend and I painted this room a bright white with a deep green accent wall where the fireplace is. It turned out just perfect! 


Couch: OfferUp (Similar HERE)

Throw Pillows: Target –  Square / Circle (out of stock in green, but others available!)

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Hobby Lobby

White Basket for Fig: Target

Rug: Wayfair

Hanging Planters: Ikea, Target (Similar), Marshall’s


Pouf: Wayfair

Bucket Chairs: OfferUp (Similar HERE )

Coffee Table: Target

Side Table: Target


Entry Table: Wayfair

Letterboard: Hobby Lobby

Pineapple Vase: Target

Circle Mirror: Target


Mirror: Family Heirloom (Similar HERE)

Lamp: Target

Pineapple Candle: Target (Similar HERE)

Palm Leaf Plant: Target (Similar HERE)


This space is right off the kitchen and formal living room. It keeps the flow with the hardwoods going throughout. We upgraded our table from a four-seater to be able to fit six! This was big for me, because I love entertaining and finally having a space to feed people. I also am obsessed with our wall art and bar cart!


Table: Similar HERE

Clear Chairs: Ikea

White Chairs: Ikea

Rug: Target

Wall Art: Commissioned Piece from Kiplee Art (gift from our realtors!)


Bar Cart: Target

Rose Gold French Press: Target

Chemex: Amazon (the best way to brew your cuppa joe!)


Bath Mat: Target

Bath Towels: Target / Target

Palm Leaf Wall Hanging: Target


The kitchen is the most important room in the house (when you’re as food driven as we are…) I needed a kitchen that I love cooking in. We got super lucky with the appliances, counters, cabinets, and floors all being the exact colors I wanted for my dream kitchen! Adding in some greenery and cute accents made it my own. There’s nothing really to tag for you here because I have collected most of these items slowly over the last few years.





This is the coziest room in the whole house! We probably spend the most time in this space. I really wanted this to be a room that we could host movie nights, binge watch shows, and have family cuddles that included the pup. We splurged on the couch because it is completely washable, modular and oh so comfortable! Also – the giant pouf in the corner is the most comfortable seat in the whole house.


Wall Art: Target

Rose Gold Lamp: Target

Blackout Curtains: Target

Couch: LoveSac Sactional in Slate Twill

Cup Holders: LoveSac


Entertainment Center: Target

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Ikea

Marquee M: Custom made by a friend (Similar HERE)

“Beanbag” Chair: LoveSac

Dog Protective Blanket: Ikea


We have the guest bedroom and our bedroom pretty much done. I would like to add more things on the walls, but I just haven’t had time to get around to it. The third bedroom is going to be a nursery, and I will have a separate post with ALL those details when we’ve finished that up.


Bedframe with Drawers: Similar HERE

Bedframe Simple White: Target

Rug: Target

Desk: Target

Nightstands: Ikea

Duvet Cover: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton

Pillow Cases: Target

Throw Blanket: Similar HERE


Hope you found some cute inspiration for your own spaces! Thanks for taking a little tour of our home. We absolutely love having this place to grow our family and raise our kiddos. It was, and is, such a blessing. God provided this home for us in SO many miraculous ways.

xoxo, Ariel

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