The Mattars Are Having a Baby!

Oh my goodness the news is finally out! We are seriously just so excited to announce our sweet baby girl, Lynia Joy.

About a year ago, we prayed and decided that we would start trying to have a family after our big Europe vacation. To be completely honest, I really thought it would take us longer to get pregnant that it did – but God’s timing is always perfect!

Right after we got home from our trip, I was feeling kind of off. Chalked it up to jet lag. But something just didn’t add up, and I decided to take a pregnancy test. I didn’t want to get too excited, so I just bought one and took it home – I didn’t even tell Tony I was taking it! When the second line showed up, I was floored. I immediately called Tony and asked him to come home as soon as he got off work. In the next hour, I couldn’t even contain myself. I didn’t know what to do with my time or my energy.

When Tony got home, he saw my face and instantly knew. We hugged, we laughed, we shouted, the dog barked – it was a sight to see. I took the second test in the pack, then just to MAKE SURE – we went and got a nicer digital test to really confirm. And there it was – PREGNANT.

In the next weeks we researched and made appointments with doctors, trying to absorb the news ourselves. It honestly felt surreal.

In all honesty, my first trimester was rough. The term “morning sickness” felt like a total joke, because I was sick all day, everyday. Riddled with nausea, I basically only ate Mexican food for two months. I can’t explain it, but spicy food just hit the spot. On top of nausea, I was SO gosh darn tired. It is so unlike me to take naps, but I was taking hour long naps almost every day. Thankfully, when I hit 12 weeks, a ton of that subsided.

We announced to our families a few weeks later. When celebrating Tony’s dad’s birthday, we gave him a cooking apron that said “Greatest Grandpa Ever.” It took him awhile  to figure out we weren’t talking about being a dog grandpa!

My parents live two hours away, so arranging that was a little more difficult to do without giving away why we wanted to have dinner. My sister guessed right away, sending me a text that said “are you pregnant?” as soon as I asked to have a family meal. I lied. We brought a small box of raspberries with us that had a label inside saying “This is the size of your grandchild!” My mom screamed with excitement and my dad, from across the room said “what’s the big deal, the raspberries can’t taste that good!?” He obviously was more excited once he figured it out!

We told our extended family and close friends in the weeks after that. For our friends who are having a baby in January, we got the kids matching onesies that say “You’re the Peanut Butter to My Jelly.” I’m SO excited for them to wear those outfits together!!

Telling our youth students was a RIOT. I am so glad we waiting a little extra time to be able to have this moment. Watch us play hangman in the video below with our youth ministry:

We feel so extremely blessed, so humbled, and so loved in this season. We know God ordained this moment and this season, even though we feel we don’t deserve such an incredible blessing. Lynia girl, we cannot wait to meet you.

IMG_4638 (1)IMG_4644-1IMG_4659IMG_4712 (1)IMG_4721IMG_4571


photos by @e_lane_photo

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